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Impressions Landscape Design - 2014 Landscape Excellence Awards - Highly Commended - Burraneer Grandiose - Maintenance

Posted by LNA Master Landscapers Association on 10 September 2015
Impressions Landscape Design - 2014 Landscape Excellence Awards - Highly Commended - Burraneer Grandiose - Maintenance

This outstanding LNA Award Highly Commended project located at Burraneer Bay NSW is maintained by Impressions Landscape Design. 'Are you using a professional'?

Landscape Garden Maintenance at its best


Following completion of construction works on this garden we were selected for regular scheduled garden maintenance of the property. On going Garden Maintenance including the evolution of the planted material was to be of great significance with the success of this garden. First stage approach was evolution and establishment of the original design interpretation. The juvenile plantings had to be carefully nurtured as to develop to the precise presentation that was required. Following this establishment the focus turned to controlling and upkeep of the theme.

Maintenance staff were briefed thoroughly at construction completion and provided with a design intent briefing document, which outlined the desired presentation and development of the garden that was to be achieved. This included but was not limited to notes on pleached species and specified heights of the uplifting of these species as well as best practices to achieve a clean detailed look.

Comprehensive detailed hedging forms a significant part of the service of this garden. Low Buxus hedging and opposing topiary forms provide technical challenges to trimming skills. Scaffolding and extension trimming is required for the tops of the taller hedging species. Strategic trimming and reducing of the Boston Ivy plays a critical role with the overall garden presentation. Manipulation of the venation style growth is considered during service of the garden as to create an interesting presentation on the white backdrop walls. Trellised Star Jasmine is carefully manipulated on a diamond trellis display. Much care is given to ensure the Jasmine stays confined to the wire and promote a strict green diamond wall display in front of the white painted wall.

To promote and support the lush vibrant theme of the garden, a species specific and detailed fertiliser schedule was adopted. It focuses on the plant species requirement for presentation. The Gardenias are fertilised to encourage blooms of flowers for visual effect and fragrance purposes close to the house. Hi Nitrogen fertilisers are applied to the hedging and foliage varieties requiring lush vibrant bursts of new growth. This is also applied to low level planted grasses such as Mondo Grass and Liriope to vastly deepen the green that they present as a species to further encapsulate the contrast of the simplistic colour tones of the garden. Flower promoting fertiliser applications are once again applied to the white flowering Liriope at appropriate seasonal times to showcase mass beds of white spike type flowers.

Although not responsible for the cutting of lawn areas as part of the service, our obligations to the turf care and health promoting seasonal treatments ensure lush vibrant green lawn areas. Once a year the lawns are aerated and top-dressed. As the lawns consist of 'Sir Walter' Buffalo, pests treatment and management takes place to minimize the opportunity of any regular reoccurring outbreaks.

Upon finalising every visit the irrigation controller settings are checked and updated if required mainly in consideration to seasonal adjustment. The system is run manually and checked for any problems or blowouts. Regular site presentation tidiness is applied with pebbled areas and gardens weeded and ensuring removal of all weed species and garden clippings. All surfaces are left free from debris and a monthly garden report is recorded outlining the specifics of the service. Such items outlining techniques applied at visit, products used, as well as any items needing further attention, including recommendations and approvals required for upcoming visits.



As the contractor we are responsible for the construction of the following items.

- all trimming and uplifting as required for design intent
- all detailed hedging
- shaping and development of structural plantings as per design intent
- removal of leaf litter
- pest and disease identification and treatment
- irrigation maintenance
- weed removal and treatment
- strategic and comprehensive fertiliser applications
- blowing and cleaning of all hard surfaces
- mulch top ups
- turf care including top dressing, aeration and fertilising
- monthly reporting on all garden areas
- recommendations and assessment of continual garden improvements as well as strategic planning
- strategic trimming of all climbing plants based on designers intent for presentation
- potted garden maintenance including enrichment and water saving applications


Author: LNA Master Landscapers Association
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