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LNA Role in Implementation of New Training Package - Vital August Meeting

Posted by LNA Master Landscapers Association on 9 August 2016
As the LNA announced earlier this year, the new training package for our industry has been approved. This training package delivers the following qualifications relevant to the LNA membership:
  • AHC20416 Certificate II in Horticulture
  • AHC20616 Certificate II in Parks and Gardens
  • AHC21616 Certificate II in Landscaping
  • AHC30716 Certificate III in Horticulture
  • AHC30916 Certificate III in Landscape Construction
  • AHC31016 Certificate III in Parks and Gardens
  • AHC40416 Certificate IV in Horticulture
  • AHC40516 Certificate IV in Parks and Gardens
  • AHC42016 Certificate IV in Landscape
  • AHC50416 Diploma of Horticulture
  • AHC50716 Diploma of Parks and Gardens Management
  • AHC52016 Diploma of Landscape Project Management.

Please note that specific qualifications such as Arboriculture, Applied Environment Management and Sports Turf Management have their own specific industry associations and the LNA will not cross over into these qualifications.

The LNA has a vital role to play in representing the interests of our membership regarding the delivery of the above qualifications. We will be liaising with Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) regarding the newly endorsed training package in 2 stages:

  • Stage 1: Determining which qualifications RTOs will be delivering from the AHC Training Package. This will be done by email directly with the RTOs.
  • Stage 2: Determining which electives are the most appropriate elective units for each of the qualifications. While this needs to be based on industry requirements, it is important that RTOs give feedback to the industry regarding which electives work best in their region and for their local industry. Again, this consultation will be conducted directly with the RTOs by email.
The LNA will collate all the responses received from the RTOs and this information will be presented to an upcoming members meeting for all our members to provide us with their input. As it is anticipated that electives will vary according to local area need, it is likely that the LNA will submit a selection of electives to RTOs on behalf of our membership.
The upcoming Members' Meeting will be hosted by our Titanium Partner Husqvarna at the LNA Head Office in Sydney on Monday 22nd of August 2016. This is a crucial meeting for the future of our industry and we strongly urge as many of you as possible to attend the meeting so you can provide us with your view on the educational needs for the sector.
This meeting will also see Mick Conway, working partner of Charlie Albone at the Chelsea Garden show for the past 2 years, speaking about how to construct gardens for garden shows. We thank Mick for offering his time to address the membership and his presentation promises to be very entertaining and informative.
We look forward to seeing you at the August meeting.
Author: LNA Master Landscapers Association
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