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The financial rewards of becoming a landscaper - why not start your new career today?

Posted by LNA Master Landscapers Association on 1 June 2016

For those of you who read our earlier blog from the 14th of March entitled 'Could Landscaping Be Your Calling?' but are still hesitating, some new statistics have come to light that may convince you to take the exciting step towards a career in landscaping.

Trades website ServiceSeeking has conducted research based on 52,000 quotes submitted to their site in the third quarter of 2015 and has assembled and analysed statistics to compare the rates received by tradespeople across a number of industries.

The results of this research may be surprising to some - they show that Landscape professionals are the third highest paid tradespeople in Australia, ranked just behind Plumbers and Electricians. Landscapers on average receive $67.01 an hour, whilst Plumbers and Electricians receive $78.40 and $74.61 respectively. The average rate for tradespeople across all the professions is $60.88 an hour. This compares with Australian Lawyers who receive only $37 an hour according to PayScale due to the very long hours worked in the profession.

CEO of ServiceSeeking, Mr Jeremy Levitt, suggests that tradies who choose a trade that is licenced and where the work is complex receive higher hourly rates. Mr Levitt stated that the secret to running a successful business and receiving a strong hourly rate was to produce outstanding quality work that leads to client referrals. It is also crucial that professionals continue to upskill through continued professional development, as well as maintaining appropriate staffing levels to ensure that the quality of work produced remains exceptional as a business grows. He also indicated that diligent marketing through word of mouth, online, in the community generally and through other channels could generate excellent business opportunities.

Although traditionally some costs of business need to be deducted from the hourly rate received by tradies, business overheads could be reduced by signing contracts with suppliers to achieve better prices for tools and materials.

These statistics show that a career in Landscaping can be a very financially rewarding option.To read more about the other wonderful benefits of joining the industry you can visit our earlier blog by clicking here.

So why not take the plunge today and begin to enjoy a new and rewarding career in landscaping?!

Author: LNA Master Landscapers Association
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